Aztec Nails


I really am drawn to the trend. It is hard to make the designs and keep your hand steady, but with practice it gets easier. This was my first go at it.

(You can tell my left hand is much better than my right.) 🙂


I used an assortment of China Glaze, Esse, and Sally Hansen. (Black liquid eye liner for the designs)



CG- Grass is Lime Greener

CG -Dance Party

E- Good as Gold

CG- Too Yacht to Handle

E- Teeny Bikini

SH- White

This is how I started, with a color on each nail.


Then I designed each nail a little different, using google and pinterest for inspiration.  Once it was all done, I clear coated the top to seal it all in.

Tools included:

Dotter and small brush


Aluminum foil (for palette purposes)

Nail Polish Remover


Thanks for stopping by!


Benefit Beauty


In honor of Valentine’s day, I want to talk about the most romantic beauty line out there, my favorite beauty brand, Benefit. If you have not tried Benefit products, I would advise you to put it on your list of must-haves after payday. Please. You can go to Ulta or Sephora and at their check-out lines they have samples of Benefit’s products for under $10 (usually) so you can try them out. They are pricier than what you get at the drug store, and they are WORTH it. Here are a few favorites of mine:

Hello Flawless! SPF 15 Powder Foundation

benefit powder

A wonderful foundation that is butter smooth and light

That Gal Primer

benefit that gal

Smells great and keeps that makeup in place

Maybe Baby Fragrance


Smells like a dream

Erase Paste Concealer


The BEST concealer out there

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation


Super light, great coverage

Bathina Body Balm


Smells like Maybe Baby, soft and shimmer body balm

Benefit also has a great line of eyebrow products, mascara, cheek eye and lip color, and a cleansing/moisturizing line that smells and feels like heaven.

It is costly, averaging $25-30 per product, but the quality is magic. I like to purchase 1 or 2 products a month, slowly building my collection.  They have super cute packaging and everything smells divine. You won’t regret it!

PS – the company started out when an exotic dancer wanted to tint her nipples pink – yup. Their product Benetint.


Check it out. It is now marketed as cheek and lip color, but you know what it really is. 😉

How To Curl Your Hair using a curling iron


Ever want to create a really cute hairstyle but lacked the basic skills of thermal sculpting? Well ladies and gentlemen, I have created a detailed step-by-step tutorial just for you. Feel free to practice with un-plugged tools, just so you can get the hang of the movements without burning yourself (or your hair, yikes!)

You will need:


1. Curling iron


2. Thermal spray

3. Tiny clips for setting (this is optional, but very effective for a long-lasting curl)
4. brush
5. comb
6. 20-45 mins (depending on skill and hair length/density)

First, you want to work with DRY hair. Always. Al-fucking-ways. Damp hair when heated can BOIL and burn your hair.

Start by sectioning off your hair horizontally. I like to do 5 sections, starting at the top and working my way down. The last section you can just leave loose, since this is where you will start your curling.


OK, so you should now have  sections of hair clipped off and the last section on the bottom free to work on. Wooo! Good for you. (This technique is helpful with most hairstyles, so keep this in your back pocket for another day.)

Next step is to plug in your heating tool. I will explain how to use a curling iron first, so for the flat iron tutorial scroll down.


Turn your curling iron on and to a med-high setting. High is for very brave, very coarse-haired people.  Medium and Med-High are good for our purposes.

IMG_0462 IMG_0463

Take your bottom section and run your brush through. Spray your thermal protector now. Hold about 12-18″ away and concentrate on the ends.

IMG_0465 IMG_0467IMG_0466

Now, take a small section on the side and, keeping your curling iron vertical, clamp your iron in the middle of your hair section, making sure that the clamp part is on top. You will want to twist your iron away from your face.IMG_0468   IMG_0470IMG_0472

As you turn, you will end up close to your head but with hair still sticking out that has not been curled. This is good. The ends of your hair are the most delicate and do not need to be heated this whole time, where as the hear closest to your head is newer, stronger, and can “take the heat” better. 🙂

Once you have reached the scalp, you will do what I have named the “golf clap” technique. This is when you lightly and quickly open and close the curling iron while the hair is still in it, to release the tension and allow for new hair to pass through. Golf clap your iron while pulling gently to feed through more hair. The process should be like this:


Golf Clap


Golf Clap


Keep it up until you have all the hair wrapped around the iron. By this time you have sufficiently heated all the hair so it does not have to be held for more than 5 seconds. RELEASE!


Want to turn this into a pincurl? I will post a tutorial for that soon!

You will want to repeat this for all sections until you reach the top. For the top, you might want to do horzontal curls. The add volume, so if you don’t want volume, then just repeat the steps all the way through.

IMG_0480 IMG_0482

First, take a section on top of your head and decide if you want the hair to roll forward or back. I am going back in this one, but I like to go forwards too.

IMG_0483 IMG_0485

You are going to basically do the same thing except you are going straight up with your curl.

IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0489

Use your other hand to pinch the ends of your hair and guide the hair as you curl.


feel free to start over or go back to grab extra pieces that didn’t want to fall into line with the rest of the hair.

IMG_0490 IMG_0491IMG_0493 

Roll up and pin for best results.

Do this all over the top and in the crown for volume.

And remember, practice makes perfect. I have been sing these tools since I was in grade school, so I am very comfortable with the techniques. It will take some time to get the hang of it. Don’t give up! Good luck 🙂

How to Look like a Classy Bombshell (pincurls and teasing)


Ooo lah lah was invented in the 30s. Right? Right.

Before there were flat irons and blow dryers, women spent hours sculpting glamorous hairdo’s. These days we don’t have that kind of time (because we women have jobs and shit – yay feminism!) so I have come up with a semi-quick tutorial of how to achieve that vintage look without spending that vintage time. 😉

You will need:

– thermal protector

– blow dryer

– many tiny clips

– curling iron

– hairspray

-small comb


First, you will want clean smooth hair. Prep by shampooing and conditioning as usual. I have very fine hair, so I skip the conditioner and spritz a little leave-in (Davines Dede Leave-in mist is THE BEST!) on damp towel-dryed hair. While your hair is damp, apply a heat-protector (I use Tresseme’s thermal spray -it’s cheap and works really well) and any other oils or potions you like to use. Blow dry – you know, tip your head, flip it from side to side, finger through until dry. 

Now, for this next step you will need a curling iron (or flat iron, if you are good with curling techniques) and plenty of small clips.

Start by sectioning off your hair. You will want to make horizontal rows, so you can start by sectioning off your whole head (I think this is easiest and keeps everything nice and clean through out) or you can section as you go (you crazy person you.) Each section should be about 1-2″ wide. (Tip, the smaller your curling iron, the smaller the rows.)

The main idea is you are going to want to curl your hair, and then each section you curl will be “pin-curled” into a clip. (I like to spray more thermal protector on the ends for extra protection against the iron.) You do this by first curing a section of hair, the you take the tail of the curl and start winding it up to your head. secure the curl to your head with a clip. DONE! Now do this until you get to the top 2 rows.

In the back you will do pin curls all the way up, but the top and front will need more volume (va-va-vooom), so you will make what is called a barrel curl. This is when you roll the curl vertically instead of pressed to the head. Clip it like so.IMG_0326

I rolled mine forward because that seems to give me the most volume, but you can roll yours back.


This is how your hair should look. You should have “flat” pincurls on the sides and back of your head, and then towards the front and the top you should have barrel curls. This whole process with practice will take about 20 mins, but it might take you longer in the beginning.

Now spray with a good “working” hairspray (not your grandma’s stiff spray, something lighter, I use Rusk’s thickening spray) and wait. For the curls to really set, they need to cool. I like to turn on my AC (if it is not in the dead of winter) and stand under the vent for a quick blast. The cooling process should take 5-10 minutes tops.  Under the AC, 2-3 minutes. Try and get out your bathroom if it is still humid from showering and steer clear of the kitchen if someone is cooking. This is a good time to do your make up if you are trying to save time.

OK, so it is time to remove the clips. Be careful, they can tangle easily. I like to start at the bottom and work my way up. Carefully brush your curls (yes, it will be ok, they are not going anywhere, I promise) and find the side part that best works for you. Time to tease! This is easy. You are going to use the same sections pretty much as you did for the curls. Take the top sections, one at a time, and hold straight up. Take your comb and place it 3-4 inches above your head. Now comb that shit down. Keep it going. Do this in the crown for volume or all over for VA-VOLUME. Lightly brush over the top and form your style. You will be surprised how easily your hair will just “fall into place” after teasing and curling. I like to form the hair to curl under in the back and then towards my face in the front. Your hair will tell you what to do (don’t hate me for saying that.)


That’s it! You’re a bombshell! Now go blow up somewhere. 🙂