Brand New Wedding dress and Veil for Sale



David’s Bridal gown size 14 BRAND NEW WITH TAGS

Originally $599 for sale for $499!!


Vera Wang Long 2-Tiered Veil

Original Price $148 for sale for $110!! BRAND NEW WITH TAGS

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Aztec Nails


I really am drawn to the trend. It is hard to make the designs and keep your hand steady, but with practice it gets easier. This was my first go at it.

(You can tell my left hand is much better than my right.) 🙂


I used an assortment of China Glaze, Esse, and Sally Hansen. (Black liquid eye liner for the designs)



CG- Grass is Lime Greener

CG -Dance Party

E- Good as Gold

CG- Too Yacht to Handle

E- Teeny Bikini

SH- White

This is how I started, with a color on each nail.


Then I designed each nail a little different, using google and pinterest for inspiration.  Once it was all done, I clear coated the top to seal it all in.

Tools included:

Dotter and small brush


Aluminum foil (for palette purposes)

Nail Polish Remover


Thanks for stopping by!



I just want to talk about scarves right now. They are my favorite spontaneous buy, and this is why. Scarves are FABRIC. They are pre-hemmed, fashion forward, awesomely priced pieces of fabric. I don’t know if you realize this, but if you open up a scarf these days, you’ve got almost 2 yards of fabric! That is amazing! Do you know what you can do with 1-2 yards of cute, trendy fabric? Anything! My favorites are as follows:

1. Curtains.


Yup, curtains. The cutest way to dress up a small window IMO is to hang a pretty scarf. You can tie it up, nail it up, tack it up, or get really nuts and sew a pole pocket! 🙂  They are usually wide enough to cover the window and long enough to hang nicely. The best part is, if you don’t make any major changes to the construction of the scarf, you can take it down quickly and turn it into something else!

2. Kimonos.


Say what now? No, not the super long super Japanese robe kind, but the cute, feminine, drapey cardigan for the Spring/Summer that you have been seeing everywhere on Pinterest the past few weeks (scroll down for example of a kimono I made. ) You can make these a few ways, one way is just a temporary kind of tying the fabric, and another is with actual sewing and cutting AKA permanent changes to the garment.

3. Sarongs.


You can tie the scarf like a skirt, or even like a full cover up. I went to Jamaica last Fall and brought all of my bright scarves with me to use as sarongs, and it worked great!

Here is a kimono I made using the Target scarf pictured above. Go here for the tutorial! 🙂


So there you have it folks! Next time you want to pick up a cute new scarf and your significant other gives you shit for it, remind them of how many uses you will be getting out of this smart buy. 🙂

What’s your favorite scarf style?

Pink and Gold Wedding Fabric Garland


My wedding colors are Pink and Gold and I am just crazy about these DIY fabric garlands. They are so easy and inexpensive to make. I think this will look nice in the barn at the reception or behind us as a backdrop at the ceremony.  (Ferdinand really likes it too.)


Here I have 4 different fabrics of different types and colors. There is a pink chiffon, a gold lame, a cream lining, and a glitter gold and ivory chiffon. I used natural twine as my support and I really like how that came out.

IMG_1040 IMG_1041IMG_1048IMG_1043

Cross Stitchin’ for Love


“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered” from the book This Side of Paradise.


I fell in love with this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote that I found on Pinterest, so now I will have to read the book 🙂


This project took me about 8-9 hours total. I did not use a pattern, only the font cheat sheet I found online here. I am a beginner cross-stitcher, guys this is not hard! Just takes a lot of time. I have also learned that cross stitching is the CHEAPEST craft I have ever done. The whole project was under $7. Guys, I think I am in love. ❤ 🙂


Pink Lips and Blue Nails – woo!


It is almost March and I am in SPRING mode 🙂 Had to stop at the store on my way home from work this Friday afternoon to pick up a hot new lipstick in Flamingo Pink from L’Oreal, along with their Pink lipliner. Before I could leave, I HAD to pick up this hot pastel nail polish from Essie called Bikini So Teeny. I love them both together! Especially with my spring floral sweater. 🙂

pink flamingo