NYX HD Finishing Powder

NYX HD Finishing Powder

Well I think I have fallen in love with a new makeup line. NYX is affordable, which is great, and has such a wide variety of products to choose from. The quality is yet to be determined, but I dove head first into the brand with my purchase of their translucent powder yesterday. So far I LOVE it. It is very light, and does not take away ALL the dewiness, so it looks very natural. It was only $9.99 at Ulta, compared to it’s $30-$40 competitors, what a steal!

Since I have sensitive skin, wearing “cheap” makeup can be an issue. So far so good though with this product.

I have a powder blush but liquid foundation, so what I did is apply the powder before the blush but after the foundation. Worked like a charm. My blush went on smooth and evenly since it had a good base.

I can’t wait to get my next NYX product… I am thinking their reverse lip-liner, or their lip primer. 🙂

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