5 different ways to blow dry your hair

What a great post about blowdrying.

missy clarkson

Hi party people!!  This was my second interview with the lovely Ava Baccari at Elle Canada (PRO TIP: maybe don’t schedule an interview for the morning after your birthday party – I think Ava had her work cut out for her!).  It is so very exciting to be featured on ellecanada.com.  😀  Hope you enjoy!

ELLE Canada Hairstyles: From a natural blowout to loose waves, here’s 5 ways to blow dry your hair for the perfect finish.

blow-dry-hair-page-twoIn the right hands, a blow dryer and round brush can create vastly different hairstyles. And while the looks may change, there’s one hard-and-fast rule among stylists before styling even begins: not to start from sopping wet hair. “It takes longer and encourages frizz and breakage,” says Missy Clarkson, hair stylist at Burke & Hair salon in Vancouver’s Gastown.

After stepping out of the shower, towel dry hair first then flip your head…

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