Fabric Garland – cheap and easy (insert tasteless joke)



This is a fun, quick trick. (That’s what he said?)

You will need:

1. different kinds of ribbon and/or fabric and/or yarn (really, any materials you have)
2. something to secure to wall (I used nails)
3. scissors
4. 20 minutes

Step 1: determine the space you want to decorate and measure the length
Step 2: add 12″ to that length, and cut a piece of ribbon/yarn/twine/your mom that length
Step 3: cut 2″ strips in your fabric/yarn/cat twice the length you want them to dangle (yes, dangle)
Step 4: fold fabric strip in half and tie to your long piece of whatever. Keep doing this until you have filled up your string thing with space to spare.


so easy, right?

Now, all you have to do is affix it to your wall space. I nailed it into the wall, but it’s dealer’s choice.


BTW, I used various fabric scraps and a cut up blouse that I kept around forever because I like the color and feel of it.

Done! You’re so cool, I bet you worked at Urban Outfitters when you were in high school. (Or you are still in high school, and you work at Urban. Or you are in middle school and doing something way cooler than working at a dumb hipster store. Yeah.)

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