DIY Painted Cross-Stitch Flower


Hey! This is a great project for someone who has:

1.  a collection of paint they have been wanting to use

2. a large blank canvas, board, cardboard, whatever!

3. yarn, floss, string, etc

4. tape and scissors

5. paint/foam brushes

6. a lot of time on their hands (like 4-6 hours)

First step is figuring out what you want to paint. I found this amazing pattern here but feel free to use whatever pattern you would like, or make up your own!

Once you have picked out your pattern, you will want to figure out how big you want it, and what scale you will need to use. I counted 34 X’s going up and down, and 30 X’s going left and right, and I wanted to use 1″ as my scale measurement (to reduce any headaches with measuring.)

I did not have canvas and JoAnn’s was not having a sale so I picked out 2 sheets of foam board for $2 each, and then taped them together to make a large board. I think my board came out to be about 36″ x 30″, so I I had to adjust my pattern. I think I ended up ommiting the bottom four rows of the flower as it was mostly blank space and a small green stem.

OK, so once you have figured out your scale, you will want to mark your board. I used a ruler and marked every inch down the length of the board with a pencil. Once I had all of my inches marked, I took my yarn and taped the tail to the back of the board. I then started to wrap the yarn around the board horizontally, aligning the string with the markings. This created rows of parallel lines. Once I finished, I then started to wrap vertically, creating a grid.


Once you have your grid, you want to tape down yarn on the edge, securing the lines in place. Then you can use a sharpie and number the grid for good reference. (This will be helpful when marking your X’s.)

Now you should have a grid, numbered and all! It is time to plot your X’s. I used colored markers to mark the X’s, which I later went over with paint.  Following your pattern, carefully mark your X’s onto your board.

Now PAINT! I found it was easiest to do each color individually (all the reds, then all the greens, etc.)


Wait for your paint to dry before removing your yarn.


Once it is dry, go ahead and just cut right through those yarn lines


There you have it! Your very own cross-stitch painting. Hooray! You’re awesome and everyone wants to be you.

3 thoughts on “DIY Painted Cross-Stitch Flower

  1. Hello! How many different colors of paint did you use? Also, do you have a a copy of the pattern you can send me? The link you posted does not work on my computer. Thanks!

    • Hi Miki! Glad you liked the tutorial. Sorry the link did not work. I had to make my own pattern! I don’t know if I still have it but I will look. I used 7 colors, light green, medium green, dark green, and four variances of pink. flower

  2. as you can see I changed it a little but for the most part I tried to stay true to the pattern. (I diagrammed it on a sheet of paper first using markers/colored pencils.)

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